This site is a work in progress, some features may not be complete or working correctly.


This is a changelog for this site, not the game or its patches.


  • Accessory list now implemented.
  • Item list now implemented.
  • Minor refactoring of Weapon and Armor internals.
  • Since there are no accessories types aside from rings, the navigation now links directly to the rings list.
  • Armor set list now implemented.
  • Corrected a few places in the weapon view that were referring to intelligence as magic.


  • Weapon view now shows description.
  • Weapon view now shows bonus damage for holy/unholy/demon/dark servants.


  • Armor view now show both male and female icon, if they are different.


  • Added JP patch 1.04 data, temporarily until US 1.04 data is available (unlikely there will be any differences of course).
  • Improved caching, debug code removal to cope with increased hits.
  • Fixed issue where some effects were not being displayed for weapons and armor.

Changes prior to 11/1/2011 are undocumented.